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Equipment and accessories for motorcycles, maxi scooters and scooters


A helmet is indispensable for motorcyclists, and is often the first accessory that needs to be picked carefully by users of motorcycles and scooters. While many types of helmet can be found in the market, your helmet must necessarily carry the CE or CE/DOT mark to meet mandatory safety requirements. At Dafy Moto you will be spoilt for choice, with full-face helmets, modular helmets, open-face helmets and convertible helmets. We carry all the favourites brands of motorcyclists, including Shoei and their famous NXR, Scorpion, Shark, HJC and also LS2 and Roof for town use. All our helmets are available in a range of colours and designs, including black or matte, and also Replica designs that are so popular with fans of great riders! Our 1000 Dafy experts are at your service to help you make your choice.

Motorcycle and scooter equipment

In addition to helmets, motorcyclists need some other mandatory or highly recommended gear. Approved motorcycle gloves with PPE certification are a must and should be chosen with great care: they may be in leather or textile, designed for spring/autumn, or warm winter gloves. Manufacturers are showing great ingenuity and using advanced know-how and technology to make gloves better. Alpinestars, Dainese, Furygan and All One, Revit and Bering offer jackets and a variety of suits, trousers and jeans for men, women and children for use with two and three-wheelers! And for your feet, you would need boots, shoes or trainers that will not just keep you safe, but also add a touch of style! In recent times, airbag vests have become popular with motorcyclists, thanks to unique technology developed by brands such as Ixon, Dainese, Bering and Allshot for off-road use.

Motorcycle accessories and parts

You can never take too much care of your bike! But where do you start? In addition to the unavoidable oil changes and tyre replacements, staples of motorcycle or scooter maintenance, you need to know a few more things about taking good care of your mount. At the end of winter storage, you must absolutely check your battery with a battery charger designed for motorbikes, such as the famous Optimate. You will also need to check the oil levels and electrical components such as bulbs. At Dafy Moto, you can count on finding the right advice from our 1000 experts, all passionate about motorcycles, regardless of your need. Whether you are looking for a simple drain plug seal, a rear-view mirror, a Sena or Cardo intercom, a GPS mount or a top case, you will always find something that will make the difference on our website or in one of our 200 shops! The most famous and recognised brands are all here to keep your precious vehicle purring contentedly: MOTUL, BAGSTER, IPONE, HIFOFILTRO, and also GS27, OXFORD and TECMATE.

Scooter, maxi scooter and three-wheelers

Because most town users of motorcycles and scooters are well aware of the ways of the urban jungle, we offer a selection and a large choice of items they would need. No more trade-offs between safety and style! Today, we are proud to offer riders of motorcycles, scooters and maxi scooters equipment that is suited to their vehicle and setting: trousers, jeans, jacket and shoes suitable for riding in the city, that are also becoming in the office! Open-face, convertible or modular helmets are often preferred in town centres, and there is no lack of choice with Roof, LS2, Shark, Scorpion and many other brands.

Off-road, motocross and enduro

Do you ride on paths, in mud and on stones? Do you like difficult terrain? Riding enduro, motocross, trial or quad bikes calls for particular and proven off-road equipment: 100% masks, and stylish full outfits from Thor, Shott, Forma, TCX and Freegun. Adrenaline aficionados will be able to get the gear they need with the advice of our off-road motorcycle experts. And because enduro is a passion shared intensely by DAFY, we sponsor several teams every year, including the famous Dafy Team Enduro.

Special offers

All year round, Dafy offers promotional codes, low prices and special offers to make your budget extend to the most famous makes of motorcycle gear and accessories, such as Alpinestars, Furygan, Dainese, Bering, Ixon, and of course Shoei, Shark, Scorpion and LS2, all so well liked by riders in towns, on roads and on trails!