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Motorcycle accessories and parts

Everything your bike needs!

Is your motorcycle or scooter ready to be used again after some time in the garage? Fantastic news! But your motorcycle helmet and the other mandatory equipment must also be inspected to meet all safety requirements and provide the best possible protection. If your equipment is too worn out, visit our website and upgrade your gear. Those of you who enjoy motocross & enduro biking must remember that your equipment wears out faster due to your more demanding riding conditions. Take advantage of great deals in our Special offers section, so that you do not miss out on a bargain on the equipment you want! Discover all the motorcycle accessories and parts available straight away!


Experience freedom on a motorcycle! Discover new places and untravelled roads. But in order not to get lost in your discoveries, access to technology and especially GPS is essential! Dafy Moto offers you a wide choice of electronic equipment. Let our GPS and other navigation accessories guide you. While keeping in touch with our intercoms. Simplify your journeys with our selection of high-tech motorcycle brands: Techno Globe, Sena, Cardo and many others. Start new adventures at the cutting edge of technology by making novel journeys without ever getting lost!

Motorcycle maintenance

Nothing is more enjoyable than taking care of your motorcycle. Get out your toolbox! If you look after your bike, it will look after you. Make it as good as new with quality products. Degrease, lubricate, clean and renovate with trusted brands such as SDOC100, WD-40 or Dafy Moto. Servicing your bike will become child’s play. With a well-maintained motorcycle, you will be the envy of all when you ride out. And to protect your two-wheeler from the elements, opt for a protective cover. Cause a stir every time you go out.

Battery and spark plugs

Does your bike seem a bit listless? It could be a battery problem. No need to panic, big makes like Yuasa, Kyoto or Tecmate are there to help you out. We know that the choice is vast. That is why we have provided a selection tool to help you find the accessories that are suitable for your bike. Stay charged all year round with the Tecmate Optimate battery charger, which will help you withstand the winter. Not too fast, though! Don’t forget your motorcycle spark plugs, without which you wouldn't get far! Indeed, your engine would not start. But you can trust NGK.

Oil and lubricant

After zigzagging along the road with your bike, it’s time to get on with the maintenance of your beauty. We have selected the best brands of oil and lubricant. Need fork oil? Select Dafy Moto. For coolant or engine oil, Motul is on hand. Running out of lubricant? Trust Mecacyl. Don’t wait a second longer and take care of your two or three-wheeler on your own. With the help of our how-to videos, you will soon be a pro in motorcycle maintenance!


Whether you like the open roads or just riding about town, you need space. Opt for freedom with high-quality motorcycle storage solutions! You want to go on a road trip? Nothing could be simpler. Ride with saddlebags or tail bags when you are travelling. Your favourite brands such as Kriega, DMP or Bagster will accompany you throughout your journeys. On the contrary, do you want to ride around town? Choose a quick and convenient rucksack or tank bags. For fitting out your motorcycle or scooter, a top case will give you all the storage you need. Now that you are kitted out, you can hit the road!