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Motorcycle and scooter equipment

Do you ride a motorcycle, a scooter or a three-wheeler? Dafy Moto offers equipment for them all! Nimble scooter riders can find jackets and gloves to use their mount all year round in the town. Motocross & enduro fans Get high quality equipment for maximum comfort when you are on your off-road motorcycle. And because motorcycle accessories are not enough, Dafy Moto also offers a wide selection of motorcycle helmets. Do you need to repair your motorcycle with the right accessories or a particular spare part? We carry a wide range of products from different trusted makes to solve all your problems! Bargain hunters will find fantastic deals and discounts in the Special offers section!


Whether you ride in the city, on the roads, or prefer a scooter, there is only one motorcycle jacket for you. Your safety comes first and the materials chosen for the jackets are abrasion resistant. We know that it is important to you that your jacket is adapted to your build to provide you with maximum comfort. For summer or winter, use leather or textile. Rainy weather? Stay dry with Gore-Tex motorcycle jackets. Stay safer by adding CE-approved removable back and other protection in the pockets designed for that purpose. To drive well and safely, you could also add an airbag vest under or over your compatible jacket. It is time for new adventures on the road!


Because your hands are precious, they must absolutely be protected. Remember that the use of CE certified gloves is mandatory! Whether you drive in the city or on or off the road. Whether you ride a motorcycle or a scooter. For long or short journeys, in summer or winter, you will find a pair of motorcycle gloves suitable for all situations. Are you looking for comfort? Opt for conventional gloves. Something more sporty? Go for roadster gloves. Are you demanding? Your should select racing gloves. For best protection, you could turn to quality brands such as Dainese, Furygan or Bering.


For off-road riders, Dafy offers a selection of leather motorcycle suits. We know that your safety is paramount and that is why all the protectors are in place. Elbow pads, knee pads, back pads and sliders, and if you want even more safety, add an airbag vest. Your trusted brands: Rev'it, Dainese or Alpinestars, Experience


On roads? Off road? Towns? Scooter? Trousers for every activity. Leather for sporty users and textile for the city, depending on what you prefer. With or without thermal lining, for year-round use. Add style to your outfit by choosing trousers that match your motorcycle jacket. To complete your gear, brands such as Ixon, Alpinestars or Rev’it offer a wide range of trousers: short, standard or long, for men and women. It's up to you to choose which style suits you best!

Boots and shoes

Whether you ride on the road, on trails or in the city, there are shoes for every situation. Do you ride your motorcycle on the roads? Gore-Tex boots will bring you all the comfort you need during your trips. Do you like riding fast on trails? Wear boots that will give you maximum protection with sliders and shin and ankle protection. Are you a city rider? Opt for motorcycle shoes, or sneakers for an urban look, while keeping your feet safe and comfortable. Find the shoe that fits!