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Choose your helmet

Have you already found a helmet you like? Our selection of motorcycle gear is waiting for you! So many jackets, trousers and protective gloves for you to choose! There is gear for sporting riders as well. Go over to our Motocross and enduro section for everything you need for off-road and trail riding. Do you need a spare part for your motorcycle? Or are you looking for other accessories for your two-wheeler? We have put together a wide range of products for you on the Dafy Moto website. While you are there, don’t miss our special deals on all types of product in our Special offers section. If you don’t know what helmet you should buy, here is some guidance.

Full-face helmets

Full-face helmets are the most iconic piece of biking equipment, offering you maximum protection and comfort in the form of your own bubble of freedom. On or off the road, these helmets are firm favourites. See what appeals to you from the wide selection offered by Dafy Moto: colourful, unobtrusive or characterful. Take control with your favourite Marvel heroes. Discover the greatest brands such as Shark, AGV and Shoei and be sure you will be safe and comfortable. Choose a sun visor: tailor your helmet to your own taste with our selection of coloured screens. Keep an eye on the road and fit your helmet with a Pinlock lens for fog-free vision. While making your choice, remember that your helmet reflects your identity!

Off-road helmets

Do you like thrills and extreme sports? Are you looking for success and the first prize? Discover our selection of off-road motorcycle helmets and keep yourself safe and comfortable with great brands such as Thor, Scorpion and Alpinestars! See which colours and patterns are the best for you. The Dafy selection will allow everyone - men, women and children - find their complete off-road outfit and equipment. Remember to complement your off-road outfit with an off-road mask that will protect you from splashes and add to your style. Your motorcycle gear and off-road helmet is what will make you stand out, so choose them with care!

Women's helmets

Oh yes! We cater for ladies as well! Some motorcycle helmets are specially adapted to your build and preferences. You could go for products with gentler designs and softer colours... to stay stylish and safe. Regardless of whether you prefer the roads, trails or cities. On circuits, trails, roads and in races, or just for the pleasure of riding. Take a look at helmets that will match your character and desires. Scorpion has designed a collection of off-road helmets especially for you! With the Dafy selection of motorcycle gear, you can express yourself and let your senses do the talking.

Children’s helmets

Younger riders can also select the motorcycle helmet ideal for their growing size! If your little boy wants to ride a mini motorcycle or your girl wants to go shopping with mummy on the scooter, they can get an open-face helmet, a full-face helmetor even an off-road helmet for the more daring. Because children have very specific tastes, major brands like Shot and Thor Motocross have created ranges specially designed for them! Take a look at fun designs with Nexx or Freegun for your kids. And teach them the pleasure of riding, while keeping them safe.

Modular helmets

Modular helmets are best for those who ride in town and scooter users. They adapt to your desires and the seasons. Go from open face to full face and back in a click! On the road or off, town riders and scooter users will like their versatility and ease of use. Remember to make sure that your motorcycle helmet has double J/P approval. Try personalising your sunscreen with tinted or coloured screens. Take a look at our selection of modular helmets from leading brands such as Astone, HJC or AGV.

Open-face helmets

For town dwellers who make short trips during the spring or summer seasons. And for scooter riders. Complete your outfit stylishly with the advantages of a motorcycle helmet: internal comfort padding, sunscreen, ventilation. All that with a helmet that leaves the face fully open, for a vintage look or use in the city. Enjoy the lightness, comfort and affordability of open-face helmets, with men’s, women’s or children’s models. Major brands such as S-Line, Shoei, or Shark. These are essential for urban people and reflect your identity and style: take care to pick the right one for you!

Convertible helmets

You like open-face helmets but would like the chin guard to be removable? We have what you need, the convertible helmet. It is the perfect compromise between the open-face helmet and the modular helmet. To ride in style as you like to and add a touch of originality to your motorcycle gear, try using a convertible helmet. You can now complement your gear and ride with several styles according to your mood.