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Scooters, maxi scooters and three-wheelers

Men’s equipment

Ride your scooter or three-wheeler with style thanks to Dafy Moto selection. Because your outfit must be complete and fashionable, choose it from a wide range of items. A jacket? In leather or textile, or to protect yourself from the rain, trust Helstons, DMP or Furygan. Protect your hands on a maxi scooter with Icon or Dainese gloves. Jeans, leather or cotton, choose the trousers that suit your taste from All One or Ixon. Finally, be stylish down to your feet with our Bering, DMP or Alpinestars sneakers and shoes. You’re ready to go!

Women’s equipment

Ladies who ride scooters can stay up-to-date with gear that suits their preferences and tastes. Wear stylish clothing from Icon, TCX or Segura. For your jackets or trousers, you might prefer softer colours and discreet designs to blend into the town with your three-wheeler. More elegant gloves and shoes, made for your size. Stay beautiful and feminine on your scooter!

Rainproof, cold-proof

With the right equipment, you can ride your scooter in the rain. Stay dry with overalls or jackets that keep out the rain. Protect yourself from the cold with balaclavas or neck tubes. Stay fashionable but protected at all times. And for your daily or weekend adventures, remember our waterproof luggage selection. Your favourite brands such as Alpinestars, Bering or Dainese offer you a wide choice of suitable protection. So don’t let the rain or the cold stop you from riding!


Your safety is our priority. Dafy Moto has a whole selection for urban scooter riders. If you want to keep your face fully open to have a good view of the traffic, go for an open-face helmet, which, in addition to the comfort of a conventional helmet, will keep your face clear for a vintage appearance or city use. Would you rather have a helmet that adapts to your needs? Modular helmets are made for you. With a click, and you can switch between the open face and full face position! If you like open-face helmets, but want the chin guard to removable, you need a convertible helmet. It is the perfect compromise between open-face and modular helmets. Our great brands like Scorpion, LS2 or Astone are there to ensure your safety. It’s up to you!

Equipment for everyone!

You are looking for accessories and spare parts for your motorcycle? Or perhaps equipment for motocross or enduro bikes? With Dafy Moto, you can choose from a wide selection of products! Choose your motorcycle helmet. You could even treat yourself to another one with new options! If you don’t yet know what you want exactly and would just like to explore our product selections, browse through our Special offers. You might just find what you need.